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The Single Transferable Vote — STV — could bring significant unintended consequences for British Columbia

On May 17, 2005 British Columbia voters will be asked to decide whether or not to keep our current electoral system or to change to a new system called the Single Transferable Vote or STV.

KNOW STV is a group of individuals with wide experience in government, politics and public life who want voters to think carefully about the STV electoral system recommended for British Columbia by the Citizens Assembly.

Members of KNOW STV come from various political backgrounds and are concerned that adopting STV could bring significant unintended consequences for our province.

Before British Columbians throw out the electoral system that we know, we believe some tough questions should be asked about the STV system that we simply don’t know.

This website is designed to help you find answers that have not been provided by the Citizens Assembly or pro-STV lobby groups.

We believe that information is critical before British Columbians vote on STV.

Referendum Advertising Sponsor: Registrator number REFO-AS-2005-002

Authorized by KNOW STV; Bill Tieleman, Bud Smith; registered sponsors.

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Latest News

  • Proposed STV Ridings Unrepresentative and Unaccountable | August 15, 2007. The recent release of a report by the BC Electoral Boundaries Commission clearly illustrates why British Columbians need to vote 'NO' to STV in the 2009 referendum: unrepresentative outcomes and unaccountable politicians.
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  • Move Referendum to Provincial Elections, Urges KNOW STV | December 11, 2005. KNOW STV Calls for Referendum on Single Transferable Vote System to Be Moved from 2008 Municipal Election to 2009 Provincial Election, Citing Low Turnout, Confusion and Up to $50 Million Cost.
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  • Former Premiers Urge 'No' Vote | May 6, 2005. Although former B.C. Premiers Bill Bennett and Dave Barrett may not agree on much, they both believe that BC-STV is not in the best interests of British Columbians.
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  • Rural ridings will suffer under STV | April 26, 2005. Although Bud Smith and Anita Hagen come from opposite sides of the political spectrum, they agree that BC-STV is wrong for British Columbia.
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  • Karn Manhas Joins | April 14, 2005, Vancouver — Retiring Liberal MLA Karn Manhas has joined Know STV to raise his concerns about problems with the proposed Single Transferable Vote electoral system.
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